Thursday, November 5, 2009

Buildering: new line up the music building

Click here to see the HD video on facebook. You'll need a facebook account to access it.

(p) Hamish Baxter

I recently sent a new variation of a classic route on campus, the Music building. In the past the chimney was the only practical way of climbing the building, as the crack in the back offered the only protection. However some large air ducting pipes were placed  on the outside of the building in the last few years, offering some new points of protection. Robin Avery and Eddie Rothschild tackled the right rib of the left chimney, i.e. "the arete".

HD video to come soon!

Kudos to the whole crew for a ballsy ascent. Thanks to Hamish Baxter for the photos. Check out his Flickr page:

(p) Hamish Baxter

(p) Hamish Baxter

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