Friday, April 30, 2010

Seasons change. Cycles and Multitasking. Life. et-cetera

There’s so much going on around me, that multitasking becomes inevitable. Everything in life seems to come in waves. Seasons build, then come and go. Sometimes the seasons that define the sports we love overlap. The blossoms are falling and this year I’ve really noticed the seasons change. I can’t believe I’m able to ski in the morning then finish the day with a few pitches of sunny crack climbing. So what’s this about multitasking?

The waves and seasons that drive my life trickle down and build to eventually culminate in a wonderful cacophony of controlled chaos. I’m juggling my so-called “real life”, the one that is supposed to make me the big bucks. Someone mentioned something about a career, or something. But then the seasons change again. It starts snowing. Or the rivers start swelling. And maybe it’s time to go climbing. Or go skiing. Or whatever gets the jollies out. I woke up this morning to an instant message from a climbing buddy.

10:44 AM
Michael: i'm outtie pretty soon what are your plans
me: my plans? like for the summer?
working 3 part time jobs. On and off.
Michael: right on
me: you?
Michael: driving to yosemite for a month
looking for a job (still), at the same time
me: tricky business...
like..getting a...gasp! real job?
Michael: yeah. analyst positions
50 hr weeks
time to get seriously about shiz
me: don't be an anal analyst ? har har
Michael: i'll be a finalyst ;)
me: i sure hope so

His trip can only go two ways: either he never leaves the valley and begins his life into full fledged dirtbaggery, or he returns and begins his future life as an anal analyst. How are we to do everything and not get burnt out?

My advice to you: always have more than one part-time job. Never do anything full time. Multiple jobs and activities are best. This makes for flexible vacation times. No one likes weekend warriors. They’ve got no stamina, they gumby up the classic-moderate routes so no one else can climb. And just when you’re getting tired of one job, you can switch over to the other. There’s no way to focus on one thing. A full-time job is out of the question. Plus, doing anything for forty hours per week eventually steals your soul. You used to be cool, man.

Today my worlds collided. Climbing season started back up again. It’s hard to hold back when you see a good thing coming. So it seemed. You need to remember that even though your muscle memory is there, you can’t make the same moves you did months ago. Remember, it’s spring right? I’ve got this monster bruise on my shin that’s there in the first place because the weather is good and I’m climbing again. But suddenly I’m back on skis and there’s still powder in the high alpine. Ski boots are digging into fluid filled shins and the only reason I’m able to deal with this ridiculous situation is the sheer urge to push the season as far as it will go. If this is the worst thing that happens to me all week, I’ll consider myself lucky. (Like when the hardest decision of the day is light roast or dark.) If something were to blame for this, it would be the ominous entity that is multitasking; that’s what got me here in the first place. Then i get home and my inbox is full and its time to get back to “real life”

The moral of the story here is that too much of anything will kill the body and mind. It’s best to find a healthy balance. On the other hand, It’s unfortunate that you’ll never truly excel at anything unless you give it all you’ve got. Dabbling is not necessary either. The dabbler just doesn’t have the milage or experience to really be good at anything. Find your in between and stick with it.


  1. Engaging read! You capture the spirit of the lifestyle while providing solid advice.